Early Mornings on our Corner of Uptown New Orleans

Cold, cold, cold. We are not used to this weather in New Orleans. On the way to work I appreciate the camellias in bloom especially since they may freeze off tonight. The gym is lit up, a beacon of activity at 6:30 a.m., before the sun rises. Entering I see my teen swimmer client, Laura, age 16. She is a rarity...a motivated teen! Do I sound old? Anyway, she began strength training last year. Since then Laura has smoked the competition. The first indication that adding muscle to her technique and hours of practice was beating a rival for the first time...by a pool length.

She, her mom, and I know that strength training works. Laura has never been hurt or sidelined by her sessions at Kelly Personal Training. In fact, I have to encourage her to NOT workout before a big race. She loves the challenge of the workout as well as the results. Now Laura is learning about the value of rest.

But perhaps the best part of the appointment is her brief interaction with Phil, a client of Neil’s, who is a college professor. He and Laura talk, laugh, share experiences and ideas. Where else could these two create a relationship? I like to think our atmosphere has something to do with it.

Good things happen on our corner of uptown New Orleans.

By Marylou Bensabat