Why they stay

It helps to have good trainers. In a recent blog post it was estimated that between our two Kelly Personal Training facilities, Austin Fitness Trainingand at New Orleans Personal Training, we had surpassed a quarter million training sessions. In another reoccurring blog post titled What Clients Are Saying we highlight the progress that our clients have made. Trainers made that happen.

The fitness business is a revolving door for trainers and clients as well. Only the good trainers manage keep a longstanding clientele and make a permanent go of it in the fitness industry.

We are fortunate to have so many exceptional trainers with many years of experience.  One of those trainers is Harmon Dash. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional, and he is loved by his clients. He reflects positively on our entire enterprise, and we are grateful to have him. The job is fun and rewarding when you help people change their lives. Below are three testimonials of three of those people whose lives Harmon helped change:

"I’ve found the fountain of youth, and it’s at Kelly Personal Training! I’m 79 years old, and haven’t felt this good in decades. Most exciting is my new found ability to keep up with the physical demands of having fun with my grandson. Thanks to my trainer, Harmon Dash, for making me look and feel better, AND for improving my quality of life."

Stuart Phillips, retired orthopedic surgeon (Age 79)

"After working with Harmon for only five weeks, I improved my military reserve fitness scores by two levels, achieving one of my best scores ever at age 50. I knew then, this was an exercise routine I could commit to, long term. It's been 5 years now, and the workout I get at Kelly Personal Training still bests any other exercise program out there, both in terms of efficiency and results.

Plus, the mental discipline that comes with continued visits carries over to day to day life. Anyone who has not experienced the results they wanted from a gym membership or home training owes it to themselves to give Kelly Personal Training a try. You won’t regret it."

David Savoie, CPA (Age 55) CPO, U.S. Navy Reserve

 "I used to work out 3 times a week: it dominated my schedule, but wasn't giving me the results I desired. Since coming to see Harmon, once a week at Kelly Personal Training, I've seen dramatic improvements in strength and energy, but now I have time to be with my family. Plus, my workouts have triggered better eating habits, deeper sleep and an overall feeling of well-being."

 Dr. Shammander Gupta, MD (age 41)

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