More results in eight weeks than I had in three years

Number sixteen in a series about what clients have to say about their workouts.

Barbi was an avid runner. She began strength training eight weeks ago. Barbi had this to say, “I have had more results in eight weeks than in three years working out with another trainer”.

With strength training in order to produce a change the body has to perform more work than it is used to handling. Then, given adequate time to recover and adequate nutrition, the body adapts as a form of self-protection by becoming stronger.

In Barbi’s case, she was happy with her change in appearance. Besides appearance there is a long list of positive changes that can take place. Clients will also see a change in their performance and a change in the overall feeling of well being.

For those who are extremely out of shape it will not take much to perform work that is beyond what the body is used to handling – even workloads of modest intensity will produce change. Our oldest client is 92, and she improves regularly. We move the bar a little higher each time – additional repetitions or additional weight. For those who are in great shape the bar is already high. To improve they will have to move the bar even higher.

These changes do not require endless hours in the weight room. Our fitness trainers at Austin TX Personal Training and at New Orleans Personal Trainers can guide you through an effective high intensity strength training program that will take less than an hour a week.

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