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Strength/flexibility program shown to increase clubhead speed and driving distance

One of my clients, a club pro, told me he was hitting the ball farther. I asked him, “Are you sure?” He replied, “I use GPS to measure my distance. I am positive”.

To hit a golf ball farther you have to increase your clubhead speed. Increased strength helps; increased flexibility helps a bit more. When you combine both increased strength and flexibility the improvement in clubhead speed is more that the sum of the improvement from flexibility or strength alone, as reporting in the December 1997 industry journal Fitness Management, researchers Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., and John R. Parziale, MD,


Flexibility & Strength Strength Only Flexibility Only

Clubhead speed +20 mph +3 mph +5.4 mph

Shoulder Abduct +11.9 deg. +1 deg. +13.5 deg.

Hip Flexion +16.3 deg. +2.8 deg. +15 deg.

Hip Extension     +8 deg. +3.4 deg.

The study demonstrated the improvement recreational golfers can expect from both MedX Stretch flexibility exercises and MedX circuit strength training. Used properly, MedX exercise equipment will increase:

  • Strength

  • Enhanced flexibility

Properly performed Medx rotary torso exercise produces improvements in strength and flexibility.

Properly performed Medx rotary torso exercise produces improvements in strength and flexibility.

Enhanced flexibility is more that increased range of motion. It also includes more strength through that increased range of motion. For golfers, the result is a more powerful swing and an added measure of protection from injury.

At our Austin Strength Training facility we have a extensive line of MedX exercise equipment. MedX equipment is engineered to provide less resistance at the point where the muscles are weakest (in the stretched position). The resistance in the stretched position is sufficient to stimulate strength increases but not too heavy to be unsafe. With regular exercise on MedX equipment you will be more limber, stronger, and if you are a golfer, you can expect to hit the ball farther. Expect similar improvement for tennis and other sports where strength and range of motion are important.