knee replacement

Both had knee replacement surgery the same week but had very different outcomes

knee replace.jpg

Jack and Marcus often played golf together, and just happened to have their knee replacement surgeries the same week.  Both surgeries were successful, but post-op Jack fared much better than Marcus.

For years prior to the surgery Jack rarely missed his weekly 30 minute strength training session at Kelly Personal Training.  Jack returned to this regimen as soon as he could post-surgery. Aside from a stint in rehab Marcus did no strength training before or after the surgery.

Two month’s post-surgery Jack, age 75, could get in and out of a bass boat on his own, while Marcus, age 70, was still using a walker to get around.  Jack quickly returned to playing 18 holes of golf. A year after surgery Marcus could play just nine holes and that was about it; the next day he was too rundown to play again.

Jack said he was running out of friends to golf with. He eventually talked Marcus into strength training.  Proper strength training will do more than increase your strength; you will protect your joints, truly increase your energy, and decrease pain and inflammation

A year later Marcus was playing 18 holes of golf, and the next day, he would play 18 holes again. Those 27 additional holes in that 48 hour period produced the added benefit of further increasing his fitness level.  He also was hitting the ball farther and enjoying golf again. Marcus had added quality years to his life, and it took just 30 minutes a week.